Orbitalum OM 165CA Orbital Welder

Orbitalum 165 CA Automatic Orbital Welding Power Supply


Orbitalum's OM 165CA compact orbital welder with integrated computer control works directly with the wide range of Orbitalum orbital welding heads. It's easy to use for portable tube welding (GTAW) on-location at building sites. Available as a rental unit only, the Orbitalum OM 165CA orbital welding power supply is equipped with a easy to program and use operating system.

With its fold-down integrated color display, the Orbitalum 165CA power supply makes creating weld programs simple. Designed to work with Orbitalum weld heads, these machines not only supply power to the heads but also control weld head cooling with its built-in water delivery system. The power supply can be used with AMI heads with Orbitalum adaptor cables.

A proven performer, the OM 165CA assists when entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material, and welding gas. The OM 165CA comes standard with the exclusive Flow Force feature that reduces pre-flow gas time when the welding heads are closed. 

  • Simple and convenient operation thanks to multifunctional rotary actuator.
  • Control option for cold wire feed
  • DC TIG welding (GTAW)
  • Optimal visibility and operating conditions thanks to clearly laid-out 10.5in swivel monitor
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) and multilingual menu navigation via color display
  • Capacity to store over 5,000 welding programs, providing systematic and clear program management with folder structure organization.
  • Welding data logging and printout of actual values
  • Integrated multicard reader enables easy data transfer to computers. Extend memory/data storage using Compact Flash card (CF), SD card, MMC, Sony memory stick.
  • (Optional) PC-based computer software adds the capability to convert data protocols to PDF format.
  • Extremely easy to service thanks to PSS (Pro Service System):
    • Simple functional test with no need to open the unit.
    • Easy to service components can be replaced quickly thanks to systematic component structure.
  • Power and motor slope adjustment between the individual sectors
  • Coolant water and welding gas are monitoring
  • Option to program up to 99 sectors
  • Possibility of connecting a VGA monitor and external printer
  • Works in Metric and Imperial units
  • Available as a rental unit only


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