Orbitalum Applications

Orbital Welding

The Orbitalum product line can be broadly divided into three major categories: Cutting, Facing and Orbital Welding. Orbitalum, almost unique among equipment manufacturers, offers best-in-class products across the entire spectrum of high purity applications, machines that are equally at home in a fabrication shop production setting or working hard out in the field.

While some manufacturers tailor their high purity equipment for indoor use, Orbitalum builds their equipment tough to survive outdoors, with strong steel cabinets, secure built in lifting handles, dust and moisture resistance, controls suitable for gloved hands, and the ability to handle wide power input from sources such as a generator.

In addition to strong, our equipment is smart. The GF AVM series saws are available with automation for unmatched precision. The OM180 Smartwelder is built for the future, designed to deliver the highest quality orbital welds coupled with the need for greater productivity. Our equipment can handle most of the applications encountered in the fab shop or field.