Orbitalum Orbital Welding Systems

Orbitalum Smart Welder

Smart Welder

For high-purity fabrication shops and cleanrooms
Orbitalum Mobile Welder Plus

Mobile Welder Plus

For orbital welding field applications

Orbitalum orbital welding power supplies for automatic GTAW/TIG welding operations create highly repeatable inspection-quality welds and record welding activity. These innovative machines are suited for any high purity orbital welding project with critical quality control.

The Ideal Weld

Orbitalum power sources collect all welding data and weld programs and settings during every weld for effortless retrieval, documentation, analysis and optimization, and standardization of future welds. This process improves productivity, efficiency, and quality, saving time and money.

Engineered for Repeatable High-Quality Welding

  • Ergonomic user interface with soft keys, multifunction rotary control knob, and a touch screen, designed to work seamlessly with the intuitive weld software’s multilingual graphical user interface.
  • Weld recordability to disk or network*
  • Automatic weld program customization, saving, and sharing
  • Rugged construction
  • Integrated reservoir for orbital weld head cooling
  • Digital precision welding gas control
    • Enables high-quality welds with low gas consumption, reducing the cost per weld.
    • Improves weld duty cycle performance by shortening the process, increasing productivity
    • Purges oxygen from the enclosed orbital weld head, improving weld quality
    • Color-free weld seams with less heat-affected zone
    • Increases Welding electrode service life
    • Prevents oxygen from entering the weld head during operation

The Future of Orbital Welding, Today

The Orbitalum SmartWelder and MobileWelder Plus software is written to make orbital welding as intuitive and repeatable as possible. Features of the welding system software:

  • Automatically detects the weld head on connect
  • Preloaded with settings for standard tube diameter sizes, wall thicknesses, tube materials, weld heads, and welding gases
  • Detects weld head obstructions preventing damage to the weld heads and improving operator safety.
  • Recording a welding program is easy
  • Allows recording the welding programs and logs to USB devices and distribution and monitoring on the network*
  • RTOS (Real Time Operating System) compensates for power fluctuations and outages, maintaining consistency of the welding process, crucial for weld quality.

*requires Network Connectivity Pack