Orbitalum Smart Welder OM180

The standard in orbital welding machines, the Orbitalum Smart Welder, is a computer-controlled automatic welding power supply designed for use with water-cooled fusion weld heads to weld high-purity pipe and tubes automatically.  The orbital welders of tomorrow, today, these state-of-the-art systems allow information recording and retrieval with sharing possible through optional network connectivity and Industry 4.0 IIoT communication technology standards.

  • The new standard for Fabrication and Cleanrooms
  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, and Aerospace Applications
  • Easy to use high-resolution touchscreen interface
  • Digital welding purge gas flow control and monitoring
  • Flow Force significantly reduces pre-purge and post-purge gas cycles and improves weld purge quality
  • Simple automatic program generation is standard for multiple weld schedule types
  • Network connectivity by IoT/Industry 4.0 technology
  • Wide input voltage variation, 110-230V 50/60Hz, 1-phase, no dedicated power required
  • 100% electronic data recording of all welding parameters with print capability
  • High-efficiency internal water cooling system increases weld head life and cools the weld head during operation
  • Dual weld data printing function (onboard and external)
  • Password to select operation or welding program modes
  • Connector for optional ORBmax oxygen monitor welding accessory to monitor oxygen levels in the head for making highly-repeatable superior welds
  • Optional Orbitwin weld head switching unit connection is built-in. The OrbiTwin improves productivity allowing the use of multiple heads on the same power supply.

Orbitalum OM180 Smartwelder graphic


Never Lost Data - Secure Internal Data Storage

  • 100% Data Recovery via Internally Stored Weld Records
  • Continuous Welding Data Recording
  • Eliminates Lost or Incomplete Weld Data
  • Quality Control Weld Program Review at Unit or Remotely Via Connected PC


Digital Purge Control Precise Weld Head Gas Flow Regulation

  • Cleaner Welds with Minimal Gas
  • Fully Digitally Recordable Welding Parameters
  • Repeatable Welding Results
  • Improves Weld Quality
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Saves Welding Gas


Flow Force Reduces Total Cycle Time and Increases Arc On Time

  • Delivers More Welds Per Shift
  • Ensures Better Gas Coverage during Welding
  • Increased Welder Productivity
  • Lowers Weld Head Temperatures
  • Reduces Welding Gas Consumption


Motor Torque Control Senses Weld Head Rotation Obstruction, preventing damage to the weld head from debris and foreign objects, and improves operator safety.

  • Helps Prevent Weld Head Damage
  • Minimizes Risk of Operator Injury
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Increases Service Life of Weld Head

Orbitalum OM180 Smartwelder Back
OM180 Smart Welder Features:

  • 12.4in high-resolution adjustable touchscreen interface for easy control and operation
  • Rotary control knob for and soft-touch keys for additional navigation and operation ease
  • 110-230V 50/60Hz (single phase) input range for consistent operation at job sites with extreme voltage fluctuation
  • “Flow Force” purge gas control feature significantly reduces the gas pre-purge and post-purge flow time
  • Purge gas flow settings are automatically controlled and adjustable
  • Store 5,000+ welding programs with simplified “folders/programs” management
  • Orbitalum weld heads are automatically recognized when connected.
  • Welding parameter limits are automatically loaded for recognized heads.
  • Weld data logging with printed hard-copy detailed output
  • 4 USB ports
  • HDMI connection for external displays and screens
  • Optional network connectivity via LAN, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections
  • Built-in printer
  • Can be connected to an external printer
  • Integrated high-efficiency water cooling system
  • Coolant and arc purge gas flow are monitored in the system
  • Extremely stable operating system requires no power-down sequence
  • Program from 1 to 99 levels
  • Interface navigation available in over 20 languages
  • Works with US and Metric units

Scope of delivery:

  • OM180 Smart Welder orbital welding power supply
  • Argon gas supply hose connection set
  • Operating instructions
  • Weld calibration certificate
  • Welding Quick Start guide
  • NEMA 5-15P (AC) to IEC-320-C13 (Device) 125V Input power cable


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