Orbitalum Orbiweld 19 Enclosed Orbital Micro Fusion Weld Head

Orbiweld OW19 Orbital Weld Head

Extremely narrow design and yet highly durable thanks to intensive water cooling system, range 0.118in-0.752in (3mm-19.1mm). The small dimensions of the OW 19 make it ideal for applications where space is very restricted, such as the semiconductor industry, aerospace, pharmaceutical industry as well as the ultra pure water supply sectors. Particularly suitable for welding all common microfittings.


  • The 3-part clamping mechanism ensures that the head can be clamped in the most confined spaces, as even when open no parts protrude beyond the contour of the head. Equally, an exact alignment, with no misalignment is guaranteed with the parts to be welded
  • All the important commands for welding can be transmitted to the power supply via a control panel built into the robust and durable aluminum handle, so that no additional remote control is required


  • Orbiweld OW19 Enclosed Micro Orbital Fusion Weld Head
  • Durable storage and shipping case
  • Tool set
  • Operating instructions and spare parts list


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