Orbitalum RA Series Tube and Pipe Saws

Orbitalum RA 8 Pipe Cutting & Beveling Saw

Perform economical cutting and beveling with technology made by Orbitalum Tools.

Cutting and beveling high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low- and unalloyed steel, plastics, casting materials and non-ferrous metals in just seconds, using the orbital cutting method.

Enhanced safety due to stationary tube – rotating tool. The tested process of planetary cutting is another important feature, which characterizes all ORBITALUM pipe cutting machines. The saw blade rises into the cutting area and is driven orbitally around the tube. The advantage is that a small saw blade can cut a large tube diameter, without heating the tube.

An innovative clamping principle which clamps the tube at several points: Thanks to the deformation-free clamping system, pipes with a wall-thickness of 2 up to 10 mm (0.079 in - 0.394 in) can be prepared easily an quickly. It is possible to cut all high-alloyed, un- and low-alloyed steels, black and galvanized steel pipes, general structural steels, annealed cast iron pipes (GGG), aluminum, brass, copper and plastics.

Besides the completely manual operation, users also have the possibility to choose between manual operation with manual feed module (MVM) or automatic feed module (AVM) = both optional. The latter option optimizes the cutting result, increases the tool life and reduces the operator impact. The result: Maximum safety and productivity.

  • Square, burr-free and cold machining process
  • Deformation-free clamping system for tubes and pipes
  • Optimum preparation for the automated welding process
  • Sturdy design with powerful drive
  • Unique and automated orbital cutting process
  • Multiple point clamping
  • Reduced operator impact by optional feed module AVM or MVM for an automated or manual cutting process
  • Fast adjustment of dimensions
  • Regulated cutting speed
  • Optimal tool contact
  • Fast tool replacement
  • Optimized speed range (40-215 rpm), ideal for cutting high-performance materials (Hastelloy, P91, etc.)
  • An ergonomically-designed motor handle for a safe and comfortable operating position
  • Cutting in seconds
  • Simultaneous or separate cutting and beveling
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased service life of tools
  • More corrosion protection through clamping jaw attachments (included)


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