Orbital Welding


The term orbital is based on the Latin word “orbis”, which means to circle. The combination of "Orbital" and "Welding" refers to a process by which the welding arc travels circumferentially (orbiting) around a stationary workpiece (typically a stainless steel tube or pipe).

Orbital welding is specified where the quality of the finished weld joint on stainless tubing must be of the highest quality, both internally and externally. These demands may include not only mechanical strength and X-ray qualification, but the inherent characteristics of the weld seam itself. A well-executed orbital fusion welding process delivers the uniform, repeatable and recordable welds required in demanding applications such as Aerospace, Semicon and Food & Dairy.

Orbitalum’s OM180 SmartWelder power supply compliments the orbital welding process with state-of-the-art electric, informational and communication technologies. It delivers superb welding results, high productivity, and sustainable quality management. Rated at IP23, the SmartWelder paired with Orbiweld enclosed weld heads with standard handle mounted control is designed to perform reliably both indoors and outdoors, wherever high purity quality welding is needed.

Orbitalum systems include standard Flow Force to deliver productivity gains with more welds per shift. The SmartWelder adds digital purge control for quality, motor torque control for safety, never lost data feature for security, plus a choice of touch screen or rotary control for ease of programming. Adaptor cables to connect your existing AMI heads to Orbitalum power supplies are also available.