Orbitalum Pipe & Tube Saws

High Purity Tube Cutting and Facing

Orbitalum pipe & tube saws cover a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether you want to prepare large or small, thin-walled or thick-walled, high-alloyed or low-alloyed tube and pipe, Orbitalum has a suitable solution.

Founded in 1960 as a subsidiary of Georg Fisher and renamed Orbitalum in 2006, Orbitalum is the OEM manufacturer of the GF series, GFX series, RA and PS series tube saws, plus the RPG facers. Available in standard, MVM and AVM models, Orbitalum's best selling GF series saws, the GF 4 and GF 6, set the standard for precise, square, burr-free cuts.

To ensure the highest perfomance be sure to specify genuine Orbitalum saw blades. Our blades are made of the finest materials to give a long service life, offering one of the lowest cost per cut in the high purity industry.