Orbitalum Mobile Welder Plus

Delivering consistently high quality welds, the Mobile Welder Plus is the first portable orbital welding power source from Orbitalum Tools purposely designed for use in the field as well as in the shop. This automatic welding power supply is based on the established Orbitalum Smart Welder (OM180) and truly delivers performance in a rugged, compact form factor.

Developed specifically for pipe and tube installation and construction, the Mobile Welder Plus is ideal in work areas which are difficult to access. The Plus model includes the OrbiCool MW cooling unit to enable connection to liquid cooled OrbiWeld enclosed weld heads.

Simple and Intuitive

The Mobile Welder Plus can be operated with minimal training and instruction.


The Mobile Welder Plus is lightweight and ready for any task and anywhere.


Highly flexible, the Mobile Welder Plus can be ordered for a wide range of applications through additional accessories.

State-of-the-Art Data Connectivity

The information and communications technology possibilities in the Mobile Welder Plus are based on the features of our established Smart Welder OM180.

The Mobile Welder Plus is based on the same software design as our Smart Welder OM180. This means any training and personnel familiarity makes a seamless transition between the machines.

Cooling unit ORBICOOL MW

The Mobile Welder Plus includes the Orbicool MW cooling unit, which enables the simple connection and use of liquid-cooled weld heads for fabrication.

Manual TIG welding

The manual welding mode enables fast and convenient switching between orbital welding heads and manual TIG torches. This provides the Mobile Welder Plus with an expanded application range from orbital welding with welding heads to include classic applications like manual welding and tack welding - a highly versatile power source modern tube and pipeline construction.

Orbitalum Mobile Welder Plus Features

  • Elegant and practical IP23S housing
  • Hinged protective cover for display and control elements
  • Liquid cooling system keeps welding tongs and heads at the ideal temperature
  • Carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Interfaces for Orbital and Manual Welding
  • 7in Touch Screen
  • Soft-touch keys
  • Rotary control knob
  • Gas flow sensor
  • Cooling Liquid Sensor**
  • Dual USB Ports
  • RJ/45 LAN Connection
  • Internal Thermal Printer
  • Wide Range input power range
  • Cooling liquid and welding gas monitoring
  • Fully digital welding gas management
  • Auto programming
  • Welding data logging
  • Multi lingual
  • Metric and Standard measuring units
  • User levels
  • Access control
  • LAN/IoT/VNC Ready

Scope of Delivery

  • Mobile Welder Power Supply
  • OrbiCool MW Cooling Unit
  • Connection line MW-OCMW
  • Cooling liquid OCL-30 3.5 l/118.3 fl oz
  • Shoulder strap MW
  • Power cable
  • Hose connection set
  • Operating instructions
  • Spare parts list

Optional accessories

  • OrbiWeld Weld Heads
  • Gas-cooled TIG manual welding torch with 6m hose package
  • Connectivity upgrade LAN/IoT/VNC
  • Bar code/QR code scanner SW
  • ORBmax residual oxygen meter
  • Double pressure reducer
  • Ground cable

Welding Specifications

Control Range 5 - 180 A
Welding Current Type DC
Duty Cycle

60% - 180 A
100% - 140 A

Technical specifications are non-binding.
They do not constitute any assurance of properties.
* Without cooling liquid
** In external cooling unit