Orbitalum RPG 8.6 Tube Squaring Machine

RPG 8.6 Tube Facer Squarer

Designed for burr-free squaring of thin-walled stainless steel tubes. Clean and secure working area with a clear view of the cutting head. Machine with ­rotating/removable bench stand.

  • Squaring tube ends with a high-quality finish
  • Burr-free and square
  • Beveling possible with a special tool holder
  • Quick clamping system for tools, clamping shells and tubes
  • Preparation of thin-walled stainless steel tubes (V4A)
  • High-performance coated tool bit with two cutting edges
  • Built-in electronic speed regulation
  • Micrometer feed for optimum results
  • No additional tools required for operation
  • Space saving, light weight and portable machine for a mobile and secure application
  • Operating Range 2 to 8.6in (50.8mm-219.1mm)

Machine comes with:

  • (1) Tube Squaring Machine RPG 8.6
  • (1) Durable storage and shipping case
  • (1) Tool holder (Code 790 038 320) with multifunctional tool (Code 790 038 314)
  • (1) Tool set
  • (1) Set of operating instructions and spare parts list


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