Orbitalum MRA Metal Tube Cutter

For manual cutting of metal tubes in any position. Easy to use – first-rate cutting technology.

The cutting technique used in designing the MRA is based on the diameter-specific clamping shells and the flexible multi-roller cutting chain. Both these components are made of hardened, wear resistant steel and provide the following advantages:

  • Long service life of the components
  • The cutting chain is at a right-angle around the tube
  • The MRA runs on track rollers on the ­clamping shells
  • Minimum hand movements
  • Tubes made of stainless steel can be cut
  • Deformation-free and square cut
  • No electricity required
  • Requires little space, for use in limited access areas

For Tube materials:

  • High-alloy steel and stainless steel material
  • Low-alloy and unalloyed steel
  • Cast materials
  • Non-ferrous metals