Orbitalum RA 8 Tube Saw

Orbitalum RA 8 Pipe Cutting & Beveling Saw

Orbitalum RA8 Pipe Cutting Saws cut high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low- and unalloyed steel, plastics, casting ­materials and non-ferrous metals in just seconds, using the “Planetary Cutting” method.


  • Reduced operator impact by optional feed module AVM or MVM for an automated or manual cutting process
  • Multiple point clamping
  • Fast adjustment of dimensions
  • Regulated cutting speed
  • Optimal tool contact
  • Working direction from the inside towards the outside
  • Fast tool replacement
  • Optimal speed range of 65 - 215 rpm, ideal for the cutting of high-performance materials (Hastelloy, P91, etc.)
  • An ergonomically-designed motor handle for a safe and comfortable operating position
  • Square, burr-free and deformation-free pipe end
  • Cold machining process
  • Cutting in seconds
  • Simultaneous or seperate cutting and beveling
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved cutting quality
  • Increased service life of tools

Machine comes with:

  • (1) Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine RA (AVM/MVM)*
  • (1) Transportation case
  • (1) Saw blade (Code 790 043 018)
  • (1) Mounting plate
  • (1) Tool set


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