Orbitalum RPG 3.0 Corded Tube Squaring Machine

RPG 3.0 Corded

In orbital fusion welding, it's imperative that the tube ends are perfectly square, clean and burr free so the resulting weld is defect free. While our GF series of stainless steel tube saws cut precisely, for best results tube ends require machining prior to orbital welding. Machining the open end of the pipe or tube is a process called squaring, or facing. Orbitalum’s RPG series of tube facing machine tools are the high purity industry standard, delivering precise and repeatable results.

They're used by process piping and high purity installation professionals in Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Semicon and other industries, designed for burr-free squaring of thin-wall stainless steel tubes where high-quality tube end preparation is required prior to Orbital Welding. The RPG 3.0 replaces the long-popular RPG 2.5 with stronger internals, and matches the operating range of the OW76S weld head and GFX 3.0 saw.

  • Produces burr-free and square ends with a high-quality finish for orbital welding
  • Beveling possible with a special tool holder
  • Quick clamping system for tools, clamping shells and tubes
  • Preparation of thin-walled stainless steel tubes and fittings
  • High-performance coated tool bit with two cutting edges
  • Built-in electronic speed regulation with speed stabilization on corded models
  • Micrometer feed for optimum results
  • No additional tools required for operation
  • Space saving, light weight and portable machine for a mobile and secure application
  • Machine features rotating/removable drive
  • Operating Range 0.25 to 3.0in (6mm-77mm)